Are You Tired Of Dreaming? Ready For Action?

Do you have dreams about what you want to do? Places you want to go? Maybe you want to quite your day job and start your dream job. There’s a big difference about dreaming about your ideas and your goals for the future, and then dreaming about your ideas and goals… and you keep dreaming… and you keep dreaming… and you keep dreaming but you don’t take action. Have you ever felt that way? Chances are you have. It’s very common because a lot of us have feel that way. But few people really actually put their dreams into action.

NowI recently spent some time with a very successful local business owner. He’s grown his business from nothing to becoming a multi-million-dollar business.  Successful enough that he’s now been around for more than 15 years, and has stabilized and actually grew during the downturn of the economy (which is impressive). I asked him about his story – you know how he started. I’m always fascinated to hear the story of how people start get their dreams into action.

He told me that he originally worked for a similar company for about 10 months, however it was a place that had very poor ethics and morals. He didn’t  see himself there  much longer and decided to leave. During the last few months of his employment, he began to dream that he too could have a business just like the one whe was working for…and actually become more successful. He was tired of watching a business make money in ways he believed was unethical. So, he decided to journey out on his own stepping out on faith, through hard work, and a significant amount of dedication to see his dreams come true. There’s a reality to our dreams – they have a cost. It could be time, money, sacrifice or most likely all the above. I’m not suggesting that you do something ridiculous and just quit your day job without a plan or saving up enough to see your dreams come true. I’m talking about taking action!

Some see my friends business as very successful because they are. Some see him today and are mesmerized by his success. However, most don’t know that he started his business from the kitchen table with only $68. That’s right $68! When they first started the business they did not lament on all of the dos and all of the do nots, or all of the potential frustrations and all of the potential pitfalls…… he simply did one thing that most people don’t. He took action! He didn’t wait till it was all perfect. He started his action plan that put him into a position to take a step to see his dream come true.

So my question to you… Are you dreaming about your ideas and your future, are you just dreaming? Dreams are just dreams without you taking massive action. Stop just “dreaming” and starting “doing” by taking action today.