A Little Bit About BJ O’Neal

Life is an incredible journey! I’m a business coach, author, speaker, podcast host (The Grow Your Business Podcast), husband, Dad and Jeep enthusiast. 

like many people, the experiences (both the ups and the downs) have brought me to where I am today. I’m living proof that you can change your life by completely changing the way you think about yourself, others and your circumstances. As a founding partner and certified coach, teacher & speaker with the John Maxwell Team, I train and coach businesses to achieve success through strategic business, marketing & branding techniques. Facebook advertising has become one of my areas of expertise.

I draw from years of experience with working with the business community in many different markets. As a previous business owner myself, I understand what the business community faces each day. It’s hard enough these days to manage the day to day operations of a business or organization, yet alone how to make solid marketing and business building decisions. I have  a vision for helping businesses and organizations increase their revenue, through traditional and even more – non-traditional ways. Ever since 2008, we’re all learning a new economy. Using yesterday’s methods won’t grow your business. It takes a blend of proven strategies, mixed with new ideas and concepts to make it in today’s business climate. 

How did I get here? I’ve been a successful large market media manager & sales professional for more than 15 years. I’m privileged to be  a founding partner with The John Maxwell Team and I’ve  received extensive training on leadership, sales, marketing and coaching. The vision for Dream. Build. Inspire. was birthed out of a clear understanding that businesses (both large and small)  have to adapt and change their current thinking in order to succeed. Do you know someone who’s been in business for years, and they’ve recently said “Until now, I’ve never had to advertise”. This isn’t because their product is no longer needed, it’s because they haven’t mad a pivot in their business strategy to continue to grow. They continue to do the same things over and over expecting a different result! My goal is to help those business find strategic ways to have explosive growth – regardless of what service they provide or product they sell. 


After working with large companies, ad agencies, Mom and Pop businesses as an example, I’ve gained a comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to work with all types of companies and organizations.

I also serves as the National Director Of Business Development & Station Manager for WAY Media Inc. Here – I train, consult, and coach sales professionals at more than 20 radio stations throughout the country in addition to planning a sales summit/conference each year for sales professionals at WAY Media Inc.

Prior to consulting and coaching with other stations and media companies,  I served as the Sr. Business Development Director for WAY-FM in South Florida 6 years, and WAY-FM in Nashville, TN and WAYQ in Clarksville, TN for 2 1/2 years. During the first year in this position in 2003, using creative and different sales methods I was able to increase the stations businesses revenue by 30%.

Before WAY-FM, I was with Salem Communications as an account executive for 94FM the Fish in Nashville. I was privileged to have a chance to cut my teeth in radio at the largest radio company in the world – Clear Channel Radio. As a rookie with Clear Channel in St. Louis, MO, I learned the ropes of radio at top 40  Z107.7. My first client was no small task….. Procter and Gamble. After that, I never looked back! I was hooked at creating compelling and creative campaigns for businesses that got results! While at Clear Channel I was fortunate to also sell the cluster – 100.3 The Beat, 93.7 The Bull, Magic 104.9, 103.3 KLOU, and the entire Rams radio network,  for the super bowl champions St. Louis Rams. Clear Channel gave me the background and makeup of a large network of commercial stations, and it paved the road to learning the ins and outs of working with businesses of all sizes.

Before radio and spending several years in full-time ministry, I owned and operated my own local retail businesses in the 90’s in Birmingham, Al. It was this experience that framed the understanding of what local business owners go through. It was also during this time that I learned the do’s and don’ts of marketing and advertising. It’s through my own mistakes and “lack of experience” in advertising, that  I understands the local business world so well.

My vision and hope is to empower the professional business community and coach them to success and increase their revenue to new heights and fuel their economic engine that will result in greater purpose for years to come!

Advertising, branding, and marketing go hand in hand. Many people think they’re all the same, but they’re not. Similar, but different. I coach people on how to make informed decisions about the best marketing options to fit their needs. As a marketing expert and coach, I understand that time changes the way you have to get marketing exposure, especially through social media.

I can help you get exposure through radio, online and and social streams that will give you the added edge you need to succeed with a digital marketing strategy. You can contact me anytime at bj@bjoneal.com.