Add A Unique Blend

Our business model can help, or sometimes hurt us. What I mean by that is we sometimes say “we can’t do that, it’s not our business model”. While obviously you shouldn’t stretch your business model into something that doesn’t make since, but you should consider if there’s something that could give you an edge as it pertains to standing out in the crowd and being heard – without hurting your business model.

Let me illustrate…… There’s a great organization called Urban Youth Impact here in West Palm Beach. This organization supports inner city kids. They have many wonderful programs for the inner city, and a fantastic facility called the Dream Center. But of all the things they offer, one stands out to me the most. Their coffee business. Yes, I said they have a coffee business. Initially you might ask why they would have coffee business. Here’s why. They started a coffee business called Impact Coffee. This business employs young people, that are paid interns from the inner city. The business is designed to teach inner city young people how to run a full operating business from processing orders, shipping, accounting – all of it. How awesome is that? Plus, the coffee is fantastic, and ALL 100% of the proceeds go back to this program.

This is a perfect example of thinking outside the box. I’m sure there are many wonderful ways to teach young people business skill lessons. But this stands out in a big way. I’m actually drinking a cup of coffee from Impact Coffee right now, and it’s incredible. You can check out what they’re doing by visiting their web site.

This is a great lesson in creating VALUABLE buzz about your business or organization. This unique opportunity gives back to the community, but gives something to a consumer at the same time. What a fantastic win-win.