Are you ALWAYS looking for new customers?

I took the family dog for a walk on the beach this past weekend, which is something I do regularly. There’s always a few people there, but for the most part it’s usually quite. While walking and processing some thoughts, I heard a voice coming from behind me so I turned around to see who it was. A man with a metal detector probably in his late 40’s was asking me a question.

He asked, “Do you use a dog groomer?” At first I thought “What a weird question to ask someone minding their own business on the beach!”. I replied, “Yes I do.”

He began to explain that he owns of a dog grooming facility called “Bark Avenue.” I was very familiar with his business even though I don’t go there myself. He handed me a businesses card and said they do great work and would love to earn my business. WOW! 7am on a Saturday morning…. He was clearly taking time for a hobby on the beach, but he didn’t pass up an opportunity to see if he could gain a customer.

So I ask this question to you, “ Are YOU always actively look for new customers? “