Are You De-Motivating Your Employees?

Are you dealing with a motivation issue?

Studies show that supervisors or managers have the greatest impact on the employee.  With that fact, a good place for you to start increasing your employee’s performance is to first review how you may be demotivating your team members.

Ways to de-motivate employees

  • De-motivation occurs when an employee feels the manager doesn’t appreciate them
  • Too much work for any one person to do
  • Not enough direction from the manager and this lack of clarity decreases their ability to perform
  • Unfair practices – a manager that favors one employee over others
  • Disrespectful comments to employees, especially when spoken with others around
  • Constant micromanaging which indicates that the manager doesn’t trust the employee
  • Not communicating important work related information to the employees
  • Underpaying your employees
  • ….and the list goes on.

Final Thoughts

The manager isn’t the only part of the equation of a happy employee, but they are significant in the employee’s productivity levels.   If an employee feels respected by their manager, they tend to form positive relationships with co-workers.

Take the time to review your beliefs and behavior towards your employees.   Managing employees takes time and effort and if you are willing to observe yourself and change your de-motivating behaviors, you will see a noticeable change in the productivity of your team members.