7 Ways To Get New Customers (Part 3)

How small strategies can give you big results.

Business growth has it’s moments of ups and downs. This episode is part 3 of “7 Ways To Get New Customers”. We’ve gone deep into detail over the last 3 episodes on 7 specific ways to implement new customer acquisition strategies.


Each one of these 7 strategies can bring you a stream of new customers if implemented correctly and consistently.

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Below are the two that we focused on in this episode:

  • Organic/Paid SEO
  • Give Stuff Away

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to episodes part 1 & part 2 of this series, then I would encourage you to do so. It’s critical for long term success that you spend time developing these 7 strategies into well oiled machines that you can be confident it.

Don’t make the mistake of over thinking things to the point of paralysis, which will stop your momentum. Take action quickly, the more you do, the farther you will be down the road!

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7 Ways To Get New Customers ( Part 1)

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, then you know how challenging it is to find new customers. On this episode of The Grow Your Business Podcast, I discuss 7 ways to grow your business.

All 7 ways can be implemented immediately, but like anything else it takes hard work! If you’re looking to grow your business for long term, then get ready to take notes and take action! This episodes will solidify your current thinking, and challenge you all at the same time!

I’m asked often. “What method of new customer acquisition should I use”? The answer is all of them….:) The challenge is which one should you use first… that’s the real question. My advice is to start with the one that’s the “low hanging fruit” because it’s easier to implement. Once you see results from that one, you’ll be motivated to do the next, and so one.

Here are the first 2 ways of getting new customers that I discuss on this episode… ( remember this is a 3 part series). I go into deep detail on these items to give you as much value as possible!


1. Advertise

2. Referrals


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3 Keys To Grow A Long Lasting Business

In this episode of The Grow Your Business Podcast, I discuss three specific keys to help you grow a legitimate & sustainable business. In our culture today, it’s very easy to attempt short cuts. That type of thinking is a recipe for closing the doors of your business.

The true reality of business growth is that it takes time and effort – period. Join me on this episode as I reveal three keys that will give you deep roots in creating a long lasting business that you can be proud of!

Key #1: Have A Plan To Build The Brand

key #2: Become A Lean Mean Networking Machine

Key #3: Learn How To Adapt To Changing Conditions


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Are You Using The Right Tools To Grow Your Business?

Are You Using The Right Tools To Grow Your Business?

Have you ever heard of the statement….”Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”? I’m sure you have!

Getting the most out of anything and doing things the right & efficient requires using the right tools. In this episode of The Grow Your Business Podcast I share over 30 tools to help you grow your business. You can also see a list of those tools below!
Task Managers:
Remember The Milk
Note Taking Apps:
File Storage: 
Google Drive
Social Media Marketing:
Landing Pages:
Email Marketing:
Constant Contact
Website Development/Services:
Host Gator