Learning to INVEST In Yourself And Your Business – A Word From John Maxwell

I talk with a lot of business owners each and every week, and I hear many of the same things from them. One of the things I’ve discovered the most about businesses and those who run them, is the lack of patience they have. If you want to grow your business, you have to learn the art of investing into your business and yourself for that matter.

You need to invest in every area of your business. When it comes to marketing and branding for instance, the results don’t happen overnight. You have to plant the seeds, and over time – watch them grow. If you have a new hire, they’re not going to “get it” immediatly. You have to invest time into them and train them. The seeds you plant will grow over time.

If you switch to new processes or software, you have to be willing to invest time, resources and energy to see results. Patience and consistency will go a long way. If everything happend automatically and quickly everyone would be successful and no one would have problems.

Success takes the ability to know how to properly invest in yourself and your businesses. Those who are sow seeds and are patient, dilliegent and consistent  – WIN. Watch this quick video from John Maxwell on investing…….

Are You Stuck In A Rut?

When you’re stuck in a rut, it can completely shut your creativity down, causing loss of productivity. There’s a solution, but it solely relies on YOU! In a nutshell, you have to “take the bull by the horn” – if you will. If you don’t correct this now, it’s only going to get worse. When we are stuck in a place that we call a “rut” – we can easily loose focus of what’s important in our lives, and allow laziness and apathy to set in. That’s when it get’s real bad. Below are a few idea starters to help you “kick start things” and pull yourself out of a funk.

– For one week, drive to work a different way – everyday. You may ask – why? Because you need to break your routine. Driving in unfamiliar areas causes you to think. You’ll notice different buildings, neighborhoods etc. This stimulates your brian, causing you to move beyond that place you are right now.

– This one’s gonna make you laugh. Go to a party supply store and read the greeting cards and  browse their joke section. Laughter is one of God’s natural medicines! When you’re in an environment  like this, you have permission to “LOL” without anyone caring, because they expecting it!

– Get out of your box and order something different at the restaurant. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn. You’re activating different points of thought and sensations in your brain when searching a menu and trying different foods.

Are the above items going to cause you to come out of depression if you’re depressed? Probably not. But I don’t believe most people are really depressed. I believe they are really in a rut and you’d be surprised at out how pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will cuase you to feel much better, and regain creativity, which will give you ideas and make you feel VERY productive.



The New Year Thrill Is Over

Ok……. So the thrill of the new year is over. You may (or may not) have made some resolutions. A lot of business owners made “resolutions” that produced goals for them, but the “fires” have absorbed their lofty goals and positive outlook. Now, their back to their same old routine, accomplishing nothing more than they ever have. Is this you? Do you fit this mold? If so, have no fear, you can get right back on track.

Take time and simply refocus your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. Break large goals down into “baby step” goals to help you get their. You can’t assume that every day is going to go to perfect plan. Get into your head right now that YOU WILL go through obstacles and set backs. It’s how you handle the obstacles that’s going to determine your outcome. You see, a lot of people set goals at the beginning of the year, but three weeks into January they have no remembrance of them. It takes dedication and discipline to see your goals and dreams come true. They don’t happen overnight. You have to review your goals weekly, if not a couple of times a week to make sure you’re on track. Don’t take no for an answer, keep pursuing.

The thrill of the new year is behind us, and now the real work must begin. No one is going to take care of you and your future better than…….. YOU! Develop that deep discipline right now that others won’t. Keep your goals clear and in front of you. If you don’t, you’ll be planning the same goals this time next year.

Make A BOLD Impact

Recently, my wife ordered a Christmas present for a relative from Vera Bradley’s website. When the package came I was unaware what was in the box so I opened it. You’ll see for yourself in this picture what I saw when I opened it. While yes that’s Vera Bradley’s name, that’s also her logo. Right there in your face. This is what I call making a “bold” impact. We’ve already bought the item. There’s no need to “sell” us. This company is making a bold statement by putting their logo right in your face the moment you open the box. Did they go to a lot of expense? Nope. Did they wow me? Yep. Making a bold statement doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, the more subtle the impact is sometimes, the more bold it becomes.

Apple does something similar by including a “slick” screen cloth cleaner when you purchase an apple product that’s wrapped in a plastic sleeve with a cool shape, along with a sticker that’s their logo. While there’s an expense in this case, it’s still a small impact that give you the WOW factor. That brings me to the question……. What are you doing to make a BOLD impact? How are you WOWING your customers. If you’re aren’t making a bold impact, you’re running risk of letting your competitors do it. That means they build loyalty with what would have been YOUR customers.

So go. Don’t just make an impact, make a BOLD Impact.