Do You Play Games At Work?

This company totally gets it. Splash Media understands what it takes to stand out among competitors. They did such a good job, that they received news coverage (which is free), and that coverage is now spreading virally all over the web.

This is the kind of thing that can happen to you when you work hard at being unique and standing out in the crowd. Don’t misunderstand. If you’re a law firm, I’m not saying you should run down the hall in potato sacks. What I’m saying is you CAN do something different. You CAN do something that you’ve never done before to create buzz and generate some new energy. Don’t stick to the same routine. Create something different. Step outside your box of comfort. Who know’s, maybe when you do, this “world wide web” we have just might be kind to you and give you some viral marketing.


When dealing in the business world it’s essential that you have creativity. Without it you’re invisible. I saw this billboard over the weekend at a local mall. It was very hard not to notice it! I thought to myself clearly someone was thinking creatively and outside of the box. Now, I know most of us don’t have the budget to put a billboard inside of a mall, but that shouldn’t stop us from being creative!

Just because we don’t have large budgets, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think creatively and strategically. Any time I see something like this billboard it always challenges me to think creatively. Imagine for a moment that someone came to that local mall and the mall said “I’m sorry, we’re all out of space”. To most people that would have been enough to turn them away. But someone, at some point said, “what about putting a billboard on the floor”? That’s thinking outside the box.

I challenge you this week to think strategic, creative and outside the box. Just imagine the possibilities!