4 Powerful Ways To Use Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook can at times be confusing. What image should you use? What should your budget be?…. and so on.

I am a HUGE believer in Facebook because I’ve seen it work for myself and my clients. In this episode we discuss 4 specific POWERFUL Facebook advertising options that a lot of people either forget, or they aren’t aware of. If you’re looking to grow your business, there are few options today that are better than Facebook. I believe this episode can highlight for you the true power that you can harness through Facebook advertising!


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Facebook advertising can seem overwhelming and challenging – but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are sooo many benefits to advertising on Facebook that I can’t even get to them all. A big one is through targeting, and there are quite a bit of ways to do it.

When I first started using Facebook for paid ads it was completely different than it is today. It was clunky, confusing, and very hard to understand. Fast forward several years and it’s amazing to see how Facebook has grown. I will never forget being very frustrated about how to get in front of the right “crowd” using Facebook ads. I felt like I was spending more money than I should have to in order to see results.

Then I hired a business coach who was helping write my book who also understood Facebook. He showed me something remarkable. Something at the time called “partner categories”. You could actually go into Facebook and choose over 500 different categories that I had no clue existed. I went from paying a $1.00 per click for post engagements to between $0.10 – $0.35 per engagement to a HIGHLY targeted audience.

Today, I teach Facebook strategies to businesses all over the country. It doesn’t matter what type of business your in… you can significantly benefit from FB advertising and grow your businesses with ANY ad size budget.

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I don’t know where you are in your quest for growing your business, but I do know this one thing…. you HAVE to figure out paid advertising if you want to grow a legit business. Period. There isn’t a “real” business out there that doesn’t advertise. Gone are the days of good ole’ word of mouth to build your business by itself.

Facebook Advertising is a big animal, but just like riding a bike – you have to start somewhere. There are many benefits to advertising on Facebook…. but one of the biggest is the ability to target your ads to your ideal audience.

Here are 5 ways where you can target your ads using Facebook’s unique tool called “Audience Insights”. It’s located on the right hand side of your ads manager.

1. Location Targeting

You can select the location you want to target by country or by cities – etc. Let’s say I’m a “dentist” and I do business in Nashville, TN and I want to target women between 25-54 in the Nashville area. You’ll notice that there are between 150K – 200K active people in this group (tip: you would not want to serve ad ad to any group with that many active users).

Here’s where valuable information comes in…..you’ll also notice the top 24 categories of interest of this demo based on their profile selections. This would change if you put in a different city based upon local culture etc. The beauty of this info is that it begins to tell a lot about who your potential customers.


2. Specific Interest Targeting
Since I’m a “dentist” I could send several ads to people who like certain pages that reflect the type of customer I’m looking for. For instance, I can target women 25 – 54 living in Nashville, TN who like Crest toothpaste. You’ll notice there are 2,000 people available to advertise to. You could also select several other brands such as Colgate or Oral B. This is just one way to do this – there are many others but you get the point.

3. Detailed Demographics

Maybe you aren’t interested in specific interest, but you really are interested in moms who are parents. You could have similar criteria, but ask to see women 25-54 in Nashville who are parents. That means that as a dentist, only these people will see my ads.

4. Recently Moved
Perhaps you would like to send a FREE consultation to people who recently moved to the area. We can select that too. You’ll see that there are 2,000 people in this group as well. This number will change as it’s only people who have moved in the recent months. By selecting this group, only people who are new to the area will see your FREE consultations for those who don’t know you at all.


5. Income Targeting
Maybe you’re a dentist that is looking to build clientele with a higher range income. You can select that too. Now before you get a little freaked out and ask “How does Facebook know that”? Through their third party data partners, information is gathers from surveys or public data and matched with emails AND through surveys based on home values etc. You can find all of that out on Facebook’s website.

The targeting potential is enormous and for some can seem overwhelming. I always suggest starting with a location and some general interest to get started so you can get your feet wet and get a feel of this can work. Remember the beauty of FB advertising is that if it’s not working you can change it or turn it off in real time unlike a billboard where you’re locked in your contract regardless if you’re campaign is working or not. BTW – I have nothing agains billboard advertising. It’s a brilliant way to advertise – for the right type of business, and you have to know what you’re doing…:)

In an upcoming post I will talk about “retargeting” where you can go even deeper into advertising to your ideal audience on Facebook.

It’s your turn – How do see Facebook advertising and fitting into your marketing plans? What will you do to learn how to capitalize on a growing opportunity? If you haven’t learned yet, you should.