Maybe Your Site Needs A Redesign?

website_redesign_2As far as we’ve come about websites, there’s  still so much to learn. First of all, if you don’t have a website – get it done now. It’s like not having a sign on your business on the main drag of town. No one has a clue that you’re even there. The other factor…. web design is, and will forever change – often. You need to make it apart of your overall yearly budget to freshen up and in some cases redesign the entire site. I know that sounds scary, but it’s true. There’s many reasons that you need to determin if your website is up for a redesign. Jessica Hill from Hubspot shares some great insight on 8 reasons you need to redesign your website…..

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Sell More By Adding Variety

People buy more jelly beans when they’re offered an assortment of colors. This is true even if all the jelly beans taste the same. In experiments involving thousands of consumers, researchers at several major universities concluded that the more choices shoppers have, the more they buy.

Sometimes buying a product is difficult because of the variety of models–with options, add-on items, and services–the customer must choose from in order to obtain a complete solution. Promotional materials for these products must present the choices clearly and take advantage of opportunities for cross-selling and unselling.

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Always Be Consistent In Your Marketing

One of the most crucial aspects of branding a small business is that you must be absolutely consistent in your messaging. Every interaction with customers must send the same message. You’re ultimately creating experiences for your customers that build emotional attachments to your company.

To many times I see businesses with in-consistent messaging or branding, which often confuses your customers. It’s almost like having to start over each time you have to reel in your dysfunctional marketing campaigns. If you’re not sure where to start, seek some advice of professional marketers and get their opinion. Until you truly understand marketing and branding, it can feel like a much bigger challenge than it really is.

With consistent message comes loyal customers – that will last a very long time.

E-Mail Newsletter Can Help Draw More Folks to Your Web Site

E-mail is a very effective communication tool and smart businesses use it to continually draw attention to their businesses web sites. Many businesses change their Web site content every week and publish a weekly e-mail newsletter that is sent to clients and prospects to inform them of the latest business offerings.

If you don’t have the time or staff to publish weekly, shoot for once a month. Offer those who visit you on the web the chance to sign up for a newsletter via e-mail through your site. And most of all…make sure your web site content is interesting and useful…the kind of stuff that keeps people coming back for more.