7 Ways To Get New Customers (Part 3)

How small strategies can give you big results.

Business growth has it’s moments of ups and downs. This episode is part 3 of “7 Ways To Get New Customers”. We’ve gone deep into detail over the last 3 episodes on 7 specific ways to implement new customer acquisition strategies.


Each one of these 7 strategies can bring you a stream of new customers if implemented correctly and consistently.

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Below are the two that we focused on in this episode:

  • Organic/Paid SEO
  • Give Stuff Away

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to episodes part 1 & part 2 of this series, then I would encourage you to do so. It’s critical for long term success that you spend time developing these 7 strategies into well oiled machines that you can be confident it.

Don’t make the mistake of over thinking things to the point of paralysis, which will stop your momentum. Take action quickly, the more you do, the farther you will be down the road!

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STOP Making Resolutions – START Making Habits That Can Change Your Life!

Stop making resolutions! Statistically, resolutions have become an an inconsistent way to create the change in your life that you want.

Several years ago I made a list of “resolutions” that I wanted to see happen. On that list was to “read more”. I got really specific with this part of my resolution. You see, I had a friend who was reading nearly a book a week and was really impacted by what he was reading. It was helping him professionally and personally.

I wanted to see the same impact so on my resolutions list so I put I “read more” as one of the top resolutions. I even listed the books I wanted to read. I just new if I read these books that would make a valuable difference in my life.

Here was the problem I wasn’t processing at the time…. reading 52 books in a year is quite challenging! I had not processed the challenge that would be considering where I was in my life at that time. I never took into consideration that my friend didn’t have kids at home like I did. He did’t have all of the commitments that I did. You see, he was much further down the road of life that I was.

He also read really, really well – and fast! Guess what….. I don’t! By the third week I hadn’t finished my first book and you can imagine how I felt – disappointed in myself. January wasn’t even over and I had all ready failed.

Have you ever made a resolution like that? A resolution that you weren’t able to keep beyond the first month? Here’s my advice…. STOP making resolutions and START making habits that you can keep! Habits are completely different than resolutions.

Here are 7 ways to STOP making resolutions and how to make your habits stick

Habits are vital for personal and professional growth. Resolutions have become something that most people mock because few people can keep them. Why? I believe (just like my personal story above) that there isn’t enough structure to a resolution.

Habits however are proven (if done correctly) to stick.

Clarify Your Habit
Clarity is vital when creating habits. It goes way beyond an emotional thought like (in my case) “read more”. I didn’t really have on paper “why” I wanted to read more. I never asked the question “what am I trying to accomplish”. If I would have asked that question, I would have discovered that I didn’t need 52 books to achieve what I was looking for. Make sure you clarify the “why” before you attempt the “what”.

Start Simple
Simplicity often times is misunderstood. There is absolutely no need to make things complex, especially when you are making a new habit. If you make it difficult – you put yourself in a position to fail. Make things really, really simple especially in the beginning.

Make An Iron-Clad Plan
What get’s measured get’s achieved. Period. Make a full blown plan that takes you from beginning to end. Make your plan flexible enough to bend. You may encounter situations where you have to shift your plans. The best habits are formed from a plan.

Make it Daily
Habits that aren’t daily are rarely achieved. Even if you only need 5 minutes a day; that’s all you need. Small doses can be incredibly invaluable. Take them – every day.

Tune Out Noise
If you research habits, you will see a” lot of “21 day” based habit building formulas. Can you form your habits in 21 days? Maybe – maybe not. The point is don’t worry about it – just make your plan and follow them. Whether it takes 10 days, 21 days, or 30; it doesn’t matter.

Get Accountability
Accountability is vital to any habit forming plan. Find someone you can trust to help you stick to your goal. Someone who can cheer you along your journey.

Above All – Be Realistic
Here’s the reality….. Making new habits is a process. You can walk 100 miles without walking the first one. You have to go in open minded; especially when you are attempting to create a larger habit that’s going to take a lot from you. Give yourself enough room to make some mistakes throughout your journey. It’s ok! It’s apart of the journey!

It’s Your Turn

Are you willing to set obtainable habits for 2015? What are you going to be willing to do to get them? Just START! Don’t wait and allow yourself to become discouraged!

2015 Is Coming – It’s Time To STOP Dreaming

The entire year went by and you didn’t accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Why?

There’s no doubt I’ve had years where I didn’t accomplish what I intended. Several years ago I was living in South Florida and I remember going to the beach at the beginning of January for a “personal goal setting” meeting ( the beach is beautiful that time of year).

I made a list of all the things I wanted to see happen. It was a long list; I mean I was dreaming BIG TIME! Have you ever had a session like that? I can still see myself sitting in my chair…. early in the morning… seagulls are flying… there’s a nice breeze as the sun came up – it was a great experience.

Fast forward to November of that same year and I went to that same spot to “reflect” on the year. I opened up my list of things I inteended to accomplish and I was amazed! I hadn’t accomplished hardly any of them! I was stunned! Shocked! What it the world went wrong?

Have you ever been in that situation? What were your emotions? What were you thinking? I know what I was thinking. I was really frustrated but I realized ultimately what happened, and it most likely happens to you.

Those people who you see accomplish their goals and dreams aren’t smarter than you. They simply have learn some incredible productivity tips that help them get to where they want to go.

Here are 5 ways to make sure that your dreams for 2015 are met:

Understand how to STOP dreaming and start doing.

If you’re not careful, you can dream, dream, and dream again! At some some you have to pull your dreams  into reality and begin taking action.

Learn To Conquer Fear. 

Yeah I know….. cliche. It’s true though. When you step out in faith to take action; it’s scary. Sometimes real scary! You have to know that going in – and learn to deal with fear; It’s real and any successful person has to deal with it (a lot).

Learn The Art Of The Pivot.

When you begin to take action; it doesn’t always pan out. You’ll make some mistakes and realize that some of your dreams aren’t going to work like you thought. It’s ok, and normal! There will be plenty of times where you have to “pivot”; meaning you have to move your dream into another direction to see it happen.

Get Advice From Someone You Trust.

It is sound biblical wisdom to entrust in someone for wisdom’s sake. Whether it’s your best friend, spouse or a paid consultant or business coach – you need wisdom and guidance. Everyone does, and I mean everyone.

Get The Tools You Need.

 There are sooooo many tools to help you to your end result. I personally use Nozbe for everyday tasks, GoalsOnTrack for large projects, and Evernote to keep the notes and ideas from all of the compartments of my life together in one place. Systems and tools are important, and there are a host of different tools that I promise one is right for you.

It’s your turn. How do you see your dreams and goals for 2015? What are you going to be willing to do to get them? Start doing. Today. Every little action step moves you one step closer.

How Well Do You Serve Your Customers?

While on a business trip to Denver, Co recently, I went to a restaurant that is one of my favorites. I made a special trip to this restaurant because I love their sampler, and I go there every time I’m in town. When I arrived, I told the server that I was from out of town and that I was there specifically for their sampler. She told me that they had been recently bought out and that the sampler was discontinued. I was so disappointed! She said that they’ve made a lot of changes that didn’t make sense to her. After talking with her for a few minutes, she said, “Let me talk to the chef and see what I can do”. When she return she told me that they were going to make the sampler for me anyway! How’s that for customer service?! She completely went out of her way because she knew that it was important to me. Most people would have just said “sorry”. Instead, this server did an outstanding job in an area that she didn’t have to.

So the question is, are you super serving your customers? do you go out of the way even when it’s not something that you offer? Customers remember when you exceed their expectations. The next time I’m in Denver, I’ll go right back to that same restaurant and ask for that same server.

It doesn’t take much today to make customers happy. Overwhelm them by going above and beyond and you’ll have customers for life.