How Do You Find New Customers?

Many common issues businesses face is finding new customers. When I talk with businesses, I learn that they to get stuck in using only a couple of ways to find customers, forgetting so many other ways to generate new business and leads. You have to create MANY different ways for people to find out about you. Yes, word of mouth may lead the way, but it won’t make you as successful as you want and should to be.

Even large companies use many different approaches to keep their name out there to find new customers and keep current customers loyal. Take McDonald’s for instance. You would think that they’ve done so much business for so many years that they could survive with word of mouth alone. NOT true. They invest millions each quarter into marketing. Let’s look at the different things that they do: TV, radio, print, coupon sponsorships with theme parks, billboards,  motor sports sponsorships, social media, local charity events and the list goes on.

Now, if an organization like McDonald’s is doing that many different things to keep and get new customers, what does that tell you that you should be doing?