How Well Do You Serve Your Customers?

While on a business trip to Denver, Co recently, I went to a restaurant that is one of my favorites. I made a special trip to this restaurant because I love their sampler, and I go there every time I’m in town. When I arrived, I told the server that I was from out of town and that I was there specifically for their sampler. She told me that they had been recently bought out and that the sampler was discontinued. I was so disappointed! She said that they’ve made a lot of changes that didn’t make sense to her. After talking with her for a few minutes, she said, “Let me talk to the chef and see what I can do”. When she return she told me that they were going to make the sampler for me anyway! How’s that for customer service?! She completely went out of her way because she knew that it was important to me. Most people would have just said “sorry”. Instead, this server did an outstanding job in an area that she didn’t have to.

So the question is, are you super serving your customers? do you go out of the way even when it’s not something that you offer? Customers remember when you exceed their expectations. The next time I’m in Denver, I’ll go right back to that same restaurant and ask for that same server.

It doesn’t take much today to make customers happy. Overwhelm them by going above and beyond and you’ll have customers for life.