Make A BOLD Impact

Recently, my wife ordered a Christmas present for a relative from Vera Bradley’s website. When the package came I was unaware what was in the box so I opened it. You’ll see for yourself in this picture what I saw when I opened it. While yes that’s Vera Bradley’s name, that’s also her logo. Right there in your face. This is what I call making a “bold” impact. We’ve already bought the item. There’s no need to “sell” us. This company is making a bold statement by putting their logo right in your face the moment you open the box. Did they go to a lot of expense? Nope. Did they wow me? Yep. Making a bold statement doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, the more subtle the impact is sometimes, the more bold it becomes.

Apple does something similar by including a “slick” screen cloth cleaner when you purchase an apple product that’s wrapped in a plastic sleeve with a cool shape, along with a sticker that’s their logo. While there’s an expense in this case, it’s still a small impact that give you the WOW factor. That brings me to the question……. What are you doing to make a BOLD impact? How are you WOWING your customers. If you’re aren’t making a bold impact, you’re running risk of letting your competitors do it. That means they build loyalty with what would have been YOUR customers.

So go. Don’t just make an impact, make a BOLD Impact.