Make Life Simple With One Word

SimpleSome would believe that we’ve become incredibly complicated. Would you agree? Even the “tech tools” that we have available to us have created another job for us……. Yes, they’re helpful – don’t get me wrong. But how many times have you sat on the phone with a tech for one of your computers? Point proven.

It goes even deeper than that….. We’ve allowed ourselves to think “more” is better….. to think “bigger” is better…. to think I have to be involved with “everything”….. to believe that to get somewhere – I have to have certain people “like” me…… and on and on.

We can deliberate for hours on exactly how to make our lives more simple, but there is one – sure fire way to make it happen. Put the word “NO” into action. Ta-da! Ok, I know what you’re thinking…… “But I can’t stop doing the things I’m involved in”….. yes you can. “But if I don’t do ‘that’, I’ll miss out”…….no you won’t.

We’ve allowed ourselves to believe a TON of false information. This thought of “Living life simple” came recently for me when we began to put up Christmas decorations. We were finding it hard to complete everything, and get all the decorations up. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I want to provide the best Christmas experience possible for my kids. But there comes a point that you have to take a look at the season of life you’re in and make a decision on the actions that you’re taking and ask – “Is this adding complication, or helping provide the type of life I want to achieve” . If our decisions and actions are making life hard – then I would like to introduce you to “Mr. No”. 

There are commitments in our life that we can’t avoid – work ( all though that can be a choice too), family, chores, etc. But there’s a lot of things we do that we can say NO to, that will significantly improve our desire to live life more “simple”.

The next time you make a decision – just ask yourself, “Is this helping me achieve simplicity”? The answer will be apparent. The beauty of saying “no” will automatically make all the things you say YES to make since to your life. If you’re looking for simple harmony, start by saying NO.