Make Promotional Offers Make Since

I went to the mall with my wife recently to do a little Christmas shopping. I was amazed at some of the promotional offers that some of the stores where giving out. It was quite amazing actually. But then there were also stores that had promotions that were weak. Some of their offers were 10% off. 10%? really? Why bother. If you’re going to have a promotional offer, then have a promotional offer. If your offer is weak, then you’re better of by not providing one at all. You maintain better perceived value when you hold to the actual cost of something, than to have a Meaningless romotional offer. Most consumers look at weak promotional offers as insults. They take a “Do you think I’m stupid” approach.

The lesson here is this…… When you design a promotional offer, make sure it makes since. Don’t just have an offer to have one. Maybe you need to move some slow merchandise. Then sell them at cost with a purchase of a certain amount. Whatever the offer is, make it count. Don’t insult customers, especially new ones.