The Importance Of Consistent Branding & Marketing

I’m often amazed at how I learn about the effectiveness of marketing from my own personal “consuming” life. A couple of weeks ago I went for a bike ride and noticed my front wheel was bent. It was bad enough that I’m going to need a new wheel. I began to search for a local bike shop (Here’s where the marketing lesson comes in) near me.

I searched for local bike shops near me, and one came up very close. I thought to myself that I don’t recall a bike shop that close to me. I drove there, and sure enough, I pass by this shop several timers per week! Here’s the point…… I don’t need the services of a bike shop each week. Here ‘s a classic example of a place that has never made it to my personal radar because I haven’t needed them, and because they don’t do a lot of advertising, I’ve never heard of them. But then I began to think about how many places and products that I think about each day only because they advertise to me consistently – but I don’t need them either.

If the bike shop did more advertising, I may have been in a situation where I would have thought about them first ( or even another bike shop). Consistent marketing and branding puts your business in the mind of consumers FIRST when they need your services. If you’re not advertising, chances are your competitors are. Over time they will get more market share because they have more visibility – THAN YOU!