Grow Your Profits. 

Gain Your Freedom.  

Discover the 6 "silver bullets" you need to grow your business profits FAST


Get more customers, learn how to control costs, forecast and manage cash, and grow profits. Discover how to build a nice large pile of cash in your bank account.



Turn your business into a profit machine that runs without you. Discover how to get ahead and have the freedom and lifestyle you deserve and always dreamed about.



You CAN have purpose in your business AND build massive profits too. As a faith-based business owner, learn how to build a profitable business with kingdom-minded principles. 

I coach Christian business owners, entrepreneurs, and faith-based organizations on growing business profits by at least 60% per year, while building a trusted team around them so they can have freedom from their business. ​


BJ O'Neal, Purpose & Profits Business Growth Coaching

BJ O'Neal

Purpose & Profits Business Growth Coach

If your businesses isn't profitable and you don't have freedom,
we need to talk.


I’m BJ, founder of the Purpose & Profits Business Growth Coaching firm, specializing in helping faith-based business owners and entreprenuers drive profits while creating freedom.


All while finding purpose & meaning in their business and personal lives.


It starts with embracing 5 simple steps and understanding how to master them so you can have the freedom you desire. 


I can help you enjoy the success you’ve strived so hard to achieve without sacrificing your family or your personal life.

Discover the 7 keys to grow your profits and win BIG in business!


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