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6 Silver Bullets


Discover the 6 six Silver Bullets to grow ANY business fast.


These 6 bullets make all the difference in the world between businesses that grow month after month and year after year...and businesses that struggle to keep the lights on.


If you have the foresight to put them into action, you can be among the top tier of business owners who produce consistent, predictable, impressive returns.

Profit Equation Worksheet

Designed to help you complete a compelling ROI calculation that shows what would happen if you have a small lift (let's say 10% for example) across the 5 main KPI's in business how your profits can soar! Book a FREE 17 minute   Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star ebook.

1 Page Strategic PlanWorksheet

The 1 page strategic plan worksheet is designed to help you put together an entire strategy for your business easily - on 1 page. It's an evolving, written plan that sets forth the vision, mission, and values of your company, long and short range goals, and KPI's to measure progress so that your team moves together as one.


Get more customers, learn how to control costs, forecast and manage cash, and grow profits. Discover how to build a nice large pile of cash in your bank account.



Turn your business into a profit machine that runs without you. Discover how to get ahead and have the freedom and lifestyle you deserve and always dreamed about.



You CAN have purpose in your business AND build massive profits too. As a faith-based person, learn how to make a legacy difference in the lives of everyone who works for you and with you. 

BJ O'Neal

Purpose & Profits Business Growth Coach

If your businesses isn't profitable and you don't have freedom,
we need to talk.

I’m BJ, The Purpose & Profits Business Growth Coach, specializing in helping faith-based business owners and entreprenuers drive profits while creating freedom. All while finding purpose & meaning in their business and personal lives.


It starts with embracing 5 simple steps and understanding how to master them so you can have the freedom you desire. 


I can help you enjoy the success you’ve strived so hard to achieve without sacrificing your family or your personal life.

Discover the 7 keys to grow your profits and win BIG in business!




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Discover the 6 "silver bullets" you need to grow your business profits FAST